Hunters battle against supernatural creatures


Saving people, hunting things. The family business.

Approximately one year ago, I was browsing Netflix when I stumbled upon a show entitled “Supernatural”. Curious, I started watching the first episode. I don’t recall sleeping for the next few nights. I literally could not stop watching.

“Supernatural” is about two young-adult brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester. Dean, portrayed by Jensen Ackles, is the older, wiser, pie-addicted one. Sam, portrayed by Jared Padalecki, is the younger one who fetches Dean’s pie. Dean is constantly watching out for his little brother; he has been doing it his whole life.

The Winchesters are hunters, but not your typical, garden variety deer hunters. No, the Winchesters have bigger fish to fry. They hunt anything from vampires to demons to ghosts — really anything “supernatural” as the title suggests. Sam and Dean hunt down these monsters and slay them beautifully in just about every episode. They have a plethora of weapons and techniques for killing such horrid creatures. Things such as holy water (or “Jesus juice” as the boys refer to it), the demon knife, the cult, salt and even markings on the floor in spray paint can be used to their advantage.

While killing monsters is cool and all, the show is much more than that; it’s about growing closer to the ones they have in their life. It’s about family and the relationships within a family. Sam and Dean’s relationship as brothers is one of the most interesting things on television; they are like yin and yang: one can’t be without the other. Other characters come in to the boys’ lives and shape them further. For example, Bobby acts as the dad that Sam and Dean need to keep them in check. He often says “Family don’t end in blood,” to the boys. Also, Castiel teaches the boys that they have to have faith, but they can’t be perfect due to imperfect humanity.

Padalecki, Ackles and Misha Collins (Castiel) are all fantastic actors, and this show gives them the opportunity to play all kinds of different roles. For example, one of the brothers might get possessed by a rogue demon and he goes from heroic hunter to soul thirsty abomination in .2 seconds. The acting is beautifully done, and the actors are determined to get the right messages across. They are passionate about “Supernatural” and it shows through the way they portray their characters.

The music in “Supernatural” is pretty much the soundtrack to the Winchesters lives. Most of the songs used are classic rock, of which Dean Winchester is very fond. He is often seen lip-syncing and expertly playing the air guitar. The behind-the-scenes guys are masters when it comes to choosing the perfect song for the situation at hand. One of the most notable songs used is “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas. This song is used before every season finale. When viewers hear it, they know that they will probably be crying within the next hour; because, no matter how long the wayward sons carry on, there is never peace when they are done.

“Supernatural” is, in truth, my personal favorite show. It is currently in it’s ninth season with an undetermined end-of-series date. It has plenty of plot-twists, action, weird creatures, feels and emotional turmoil. The lives of the Winchesters and company are always changing, and they always have an interesting way of handling these changes. I invite all students to join the “Supernatural” fandom and follow Sam, Dean and Castiel in all their endeavors. So if anyone decides to up that remote and see for his or herself, they will see the perfectness “Supernatural.”