Motivation, inspiration may lead to playoffs


Rachel Witt

Senior Je’Mario McCoy runs toward the end zone for a touchdown.

What time? Game time!

Whose house? Our house!

What team? Our team!

With a record of three wins and five losses, sophomore fullback Tyler Bennett, believes that the football team has a high chance of making into the state play-offs.

Sophomore and right guard Tommy Peercy,  feels the Demon football team has not gone to state in eight years. They are still looking forward to taking the team to state, the highest competition Oklahoma has to offer.

“I think we have a pretty good chance to take it all the way,” Peercy said.

Before the team came together this year, they all had to start somewhere in the journey to becoming a better football team. Players have different inspirations that brings the team together.

Sophomore Tyler Bennett found his inspiration because he didn’t like missing out on the action.

“I didn’t like sitting in the stands when I could be playing,” Bennett said.

Other players found their inspiration elsewhere. For instance, Peercy found it in his family.

“I really just like the sport and my brother encouraged me to do it,” Peercy said.

Sophomore Cy Calhoun sees the rest of the season as a learning experience and a window of opportunity.

“We look forward to what the rest of the season has to offer,” Calhoun said.

Some feel the chance of making it to state is there because of learning things from lost games.

“We’re doing really good and we’ve lost a couple of tough games and we just learn from that,” Bennett said.

According to sophomore Hunter Kelly, the team is experiencing a great change because they are improving.

With one remaining game in the season against Chickasha before playoffs, the players are excited to see how it will all play out.