Moms get groove on for graduates


Lisa Snider

Sandie Wright flies into the air at this year’s mom’s dance assembly in honor of her son, Dylan Wright. The mom’s dance was in support of our seniors and wishing them a good farewell before graduation.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Cue the “Chicken Dance” music.

On Oct. 25, after three weeks of preparation, the senior moms got their groove on to songs such as “Play That Funky Music White Boy,” “We Are Family” and “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

This dance, which is part of a pep rally, has been a tradition for years. The moms of the seniors dance to different types of music to support their graduating children and their futures.

Senior Sam Moffatt’s mom, Sharon, participated in the dance with several others and enjoyed it. Sharon Moffatt said that it was fun and nice to dance with a lot of other moms whom she has known for years.

“There were some moms who had great dancing skills and learned quickly,” Sharon said. “[For me] it was tough to get your hands to do one thing and your feet something else.”

At the pep rally there is another tradition of each mom making a poster of her senior(s). On one side, they have the senior as a child and the other, the senior at their current age. They are very individualized. Some posters had lights, others had maps, some had stickers but all had pictures. Seniors like them, one of them being Spencer Tolle.

“I think my mom did an excellent job of expressing my childhood through that poster and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Tolle said.

Some moms feel that the event was a realization of the time having passed.

“It’s very touching because you’ve watched your child grow up and can’t believe the time has passed,” Spencer’s mom, Hadley, said.

To others it means something a little different.

“It’s just one step closer for Skyler going to college,” senior Skyler Rodriguez’s mom, Debra, said.

Skyler’s brother, Daniel, participated in this same event five years ago. He also commented that it was weird to see his younger brother that old and still growing.

To some of the seniors, this event means the end of their high school years.

“I guess it’s finally kind of hit me, being a senior” Skyler Rodriguez said.

Kaela Miller agrees with this.

“This is the end of basically childhood,” Miller said.

Miller’s mom says that she is preparing her child to leave childhood.

Both the seniors and moms enjoyed this event and are anxious for the end of the year as it brings college and goodbyes.