Smoke Rings journals in another win


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Smoke Rings staff gets their spotlight on the opposibe side of the lens. The 2012-1013 members recieved a total of 21 awards, including Sweepstakes.

The Smokerings staff members have gone through a year of change and had the honor of receiving many awards including the highest.

Both the yearbook and the newspaper staffs went to Fall Media Monday earlier this week. At this event, which was hosted by Oklahoma Scholastic Media, five time slots took place. One session was turned into a lunch period at the discretion of the students. The sessions were about various  topics and many gave advice to better the students’ journalism techniques. A few sessions that took place include:  Editorial Leadership, Take Control of Your Camera, Twenty Tips and Tricks on Clearer Writing and Party Like a Rockstar.  After the fifth session was over with, there was a ceremony to award yearbook staffs across Oklahoma.

“Almost every category we entered, we got at least some kind of award or honorable mention,” senior and editor-in-chief of the yearbook staff, Kayla Willett said.

All yearbooks are judged in three distinct divisions based upon school size.

Being a part of the yearbook staff is a year round commitment.

“We have to put in our school time, after school time [and] our Saturdays for our work days,” senior and business manager for yearbook staff, Jake Newton said.

Joining the SMoke Rings staff is a big responsibility, leaving little time to goof around. This does not mean, however, that there is never any time to have some fun.

“There’s time for fun, and there’s time for play,” Newton said.

The yearbook staff was awarded a total of 21 awards.

The whole staff got first in Headline Design. There were also several individual awards. Senior and former people editor Jacy Rosser received first in the Portrait Page or Spread category. Graduate and former editor-in-chief Sarah Kafer received the Sports Spread Theme Development/Design awards.

The yearbook staff nominated Kafer for the “Yearbook Editor of the Year” award out of all of the divisions and schools in Oklahoma. Kafer won this award. Also, Newton won first place for his sports photo along with two other awards in which he placed third.

The yearbook staff went on to win the Highest Honors award which led to the All Oklahoman award that in turn led to Sweepstakes, the highest award there.

“I wanted sweepstakes so bad,” Willett said.

The staff has had the honor of receiving Sweepstakes for two years in a row. They are hoping to win many more prestigious awards again next year.