Living the Dream

Lucid Dreaming is the scientifically proven ability to become consciously aware while dreaming. In other words, people can actively take control of their dreams.


According to the Lucidity Institute, most people use lucid dreaming for the purpose of fulfilling their fantasies, such as flying, saving the world or sex. Many have said that their first lucid dream was one of the most wonderful experiences of their lives. The complete freedom that’s granted is one of the major parts in the greatness of their dream. No one has to worry about physical or social consequences after they wake up.


Another purpose for lucid dreaming is overcoming your biggest fears or nightmares. Lucid dreaming has been considered one of the most effective therapies for nightmares. Because one knows he/she is dreaming, they also know that nothing will be able to cause them physical harm. The fear people feel in a nightmare is completely real. It is the danger that’s not. Most fear can be defused by facing the thing that seems to be causing the fear.


Lucid dreaming can also be helpful in rehearsing. It could help with learning how to deal with difficult confrontations, public speaking and performing in public. If a person were to rehearse doing those things over and over in a lucid dream, they would get comfortable enough to do it in real life, because of how the brain activity is the same in dreams and in real life.


It has been said that lucid dreaming can even help improve health. There have been some people who have used lucid dreams to help overcome phobias, working with grief, decreasing social anxieties and helping increase self-confidence.


Lucidipedia stated that there are several techniques in which lucid dreams can be achieved. The first thing that needs to be done is learning how to recall dreams. Every night we dream, whether we choose to or not. Some people don’t remember their dream, or even having a dream for that matter. Recalling dreams is simple. After waking up, immediately ask “What did I just dream about?”. Try to stay as still as possible, eyes kept closed, and remain patient. As the dream starts to slowly come back, write it down in a dream journal.


After a person has journaled their dreams for two to three weeks, they should go over the dreams and see if there are any repeated dreams, or repeated fragments of dreams. If they have found that there is any particular dream sign that is recurrent and shows up a lot, then they have found their target dream sign.


By the time people understand their dream signs and how they work, they can now go to bed prepared. Right before going to sleep, they just say to themselves, “The next time I encounter my target dream sign again, I will tell myself that this is a dream.”

Now that there’s a better understanding for the most common purposes for lucid dreams, and how to have them, being able to conduct one should be easier than ever.