Only very rarely do I encounter a band that stands out in a crowd of hyped-up and over-played music. The 1975 is one of those unique finds.

The indie/alternative rock band, based out of Manchester, England, released their self-titled debut album Sept. 2. Their music is very easy to transition into many different atmospheres, from a party setting to a relaxed car ride.

The album includes one of the band’s most popular songs, “Chocolate,” which had been released in a previous EP. The popularity is well justified; I can’t stop listening to this song. Another of my favorites, “Talk!” has an instrumental that has a way of falling over itself with each beat. This technique creates a sound quality that is unique to anything I’ve heard recently and is referenced in a lot of their other songs.

The overall feel and tone of the album has an underlying coherence but is different enough in each track that I can keep listening to song after song without getting tired of hearing the same thing. The album is paced well from start to finish, with a nice balance of hard and soft.

I don’t think this will be a band I stop loving the way I do. There will definitely be many more “The 1975” filled days in my future.