Mark, time, mark

After eight weeks of preparation, practice and perseverance, the marching band was ready for the ECU Marching Contest in Ada on Sept 28.

However, on the morning of the competition, it was cancelled.

“I’m a little disappointed,” color guard captain Kathleen Taylor said. “It would be nice to get feedback from the judges.”

Junior Jessica Haas is also disappointed.

“I’m sad but the directors didn’t want to waste time,” Jessica Haas said.

The ECU Marching Contest is not just for competing and showcasing for some students.

“[The feedback] lets us know how we are doing and what we need to work on,” Taylor said.

Even though the first band competition of the year was cancelled, the band will be using this time productively.

“We can fix tweaks,” Jessica Haas said. “We definitely can do well.”

Junior Christian Williams agrees.

“If we work hard and give as much effort as we can,” Williams said, “I feel we will do really well.”

The next band competition is in Mustang on Oct 5.

“We all need to give 110 percent  effort,” Williams said.

Some freshmen, and even upperclassmen, were and are nervous about the first competition of the year.

“I always get nervous, but I’ve been doing this for so long that I know it’s going to be okay,” Taylor said.

Director Jeramy Haas gave advice to help rid his students of pre-competition jitters.

“Just take a deep breath and relax,” the director said.

His advice seems to be making a positive effect because he feels the band is moving along well.

“Some learn quicker than others, but we’re far from being bad,” Jeramy Haas said.

As director, Jeramy Haas said he will be doing his part to make sure the band stays competition ready by making sure they have their drills in place.

“I don’t think about it, I just do it,” Jeramy Haas said.

Many band members, such as Williams, have stated that his tactics are effective. However, only the judges at the competitions to come can truly tell if the band hits all the right notes.