Mission trip for FUMC


Bridget Tolle

Coby Kirkland and Molly Gropp straighten up Patricia Cook’s yard.



On Sept. 21 at 1 p.m. something incredible happened.

First United Methodist Church’s (FUMC) youth group set out to help the community with Mission Saturday, a time where people can go and do mission work on the weekend.

On that day, seven people, mostly teens, went to help Patricia Cook, an elderly lady in town, with her lawn. Cook is unable to do many things because of her back.

“I can hardly walk,” Cook said. “I hope one of these days I can straighten up without wanting to yell.”

Among the seven people was sophomore Caleb Taylor. He said that they mowed her lawn, trimmed her trees, took dead bushes out and simply made her yard look nicer in general.

“I like helping people out,” Taylor said. “When I look at them and see that I’m helping them, I get a great feeling.”

The leader of this group was youth pastor Justin Sommer.

“We accomplished helping out someone who didn’t have the means of doing it herself [Cook],” Sommer said.

Cook said that it was wonderful for people who can’t do things on their own, like her.

“You can imagine how I feel about it,” Cook said.

Sommer wants to continue his work with the church.

“[I want] to continue helping out people and to be involved in the community other than inside our church,” Sommer said.

The next Mission Saturday will be in November. Sommer said that anyone is welcome to come as long as they want to do something useful on their Saturday.