Juniors lead volleyball


Haley Riley

Lady Demon volleyball plays against Cement on Pink Night. Junior varsity members advance towards sophomore Mercy Mathews as she digs to pass the ball to her teamates after it was served by the opposing team.




This year has been very different for our Lady Demon Volleyball team. There are no seniors. The seniors didn’t just abandon the team, they just could not fit volleyball into their busy schedules. In the absence of seniors, juniors Carly Kirkland, Rebecca Brewer, Emily Telles, Jordan Muncy and Makayla Meadows have had to step up and help lead an almost entirely new team.

Coach Sandy Mitchell said that the juniors have shown great leadership.

As much as the would-be senior players are missed, Kirkland feels the loss made them better.

“We’ve got a completely new group,” Kirkland said “I feel we’ve bonded more as a team.”

Sophomore Delaney Mitchell, Telles and Brewer agree.

“We’re a lot better [than we were],” D. Mitchell said, ” We’ve grown more.”

Some players feel that growing is not the only thing the seniors missed out on.

“I feel they missed a good season,” Brewer said.

With a total of 6 games won, this season was a decline from last years 7 winnings.

Because of this others feel that the team missed out on having seniors.

“It sucks,” Telles said, “We’ve played with them since we were freshmen.”

However, because of the shortage of  seniors, all team members have stepped up their game.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the freshmen,” Kirkland said. She feels they have stepped up, over and beyond what was expected them at the beginning of Summer Pride. Summer Pride takes place during the summer and allows the team to practice before the school year begins. Some freshmen were even put on the varsity team.

After witnessing the effects of losing the seniors this year, even though there would have only been two, the current juniors have made a decision.

“There will be seniors [on the team] next year.” Brewer said.

With a decision, determination and encouragement from other teammates maybe the juniors will continue to lead their team during their senior year.