Thaxton signs with North Oklahoma College


Haley Doyle and Annie Kelly

This year, many senior athletes had the opportunity to sign with a college to play their chosen sport. Senior Connor Thaxton had the opportunity to do so on January 25. Thaxton signed with Northern Oklahoma College (NOC), in Enid, to play baseball. He had the privilege to work out for the coaches, but has yet to practice with the team.

For about a month now, Thaxton has known that he would be singing with NOC. Within that month, Thaxton’s parents, brothers, and coaches from the years help influenced him to pick the best choice for his future.

“It has been very helpful,” Thaxton said.

Thaxton made his decision to sign with NOC because he thinks NOC has an over good coaching staff and facilities.

“The facilities and coaches are all really great up there and when I compared it to the other options, I felt it was the best choice for me,” Thaxton said.

Thaxton’s favorite baseball memory is that he’s been able to play baseball with his friends since they were little kids.

“I’ve played with them [the senior class] since I was eight years old,” Thaxton said. “Just getting to play with them all the way up until now has been a great experience.”