Speech Places Third For Sweepstakes

Ryn Swinson, Reporter

After months of preparation, the speech team attended their first competition this year.

After a long drive to Oologah, Oklahoma, the speech team got ready to perform their pieces in front of a selection of judges.

Team members, such as senior Justin Glover, attended the competition and even performed more than one piece. He performed a humorous duet, titled “Bad Detective” with Brandon Kerr.

“My favorite piece to do is ‘Bad Detective’ because it’s more energetic and fun,” Glover said. “It’s also more comedic, and I like to do comedy.”

Glover placed first place for his humorous duet.

“First is nice but it’s just the qualification that matters, the medal is just a prize,” Kerr said

Glover also performed a dramatic duet called “God If You’re Really Out There”. Glover placed third for his dramatic piece.

Sophomore Jaiden Kerr also attended her first competition this year, and performed a dramatic duet with Kinlee McSpadden.

“I was really nervous, because that was my first competition,” Kerr said. “We performed last, so I had to sit there and watch everyone perform before me and then let all the anxiety build up. It’s good because it’s a dramatic piece, so I channeled all of that into my acting.”

Kerr and Mcspadden ended up winning first place for their piece.

“It was a relief to be able to take a break because we worked so hard,” Mcspadden said. “It felt good, it felt like I actually accomplished something and we were both really happy to do that together.”

Rilyn Martin also attended her first competition this year, and performed a duet with Samantha Towell.

“Sam and I ,unfortunately, placed fourth but the positions are first through fourth so we almost got it but, we didn’t quite make it,” Martin said.

“Usually at Oologah I place, but with Rilyn I didn’t,” Towell said. “Rilyn’s a really good partner and is easy to work with.”

As a whole, however, the speech team placed third for sweepstakes.

“This is my first year, so I’m going off of what my elders told me. So, whatever it is, hopefully we do good with it.” Martin said.