Class Dance Opinion

Ava Ryan, Business Manager

The class dance on September 21 was a big hit, although some did not agree with the results. The freshman came in fourth, sophomores in third, juniors in second, and as always, seniors in first place.

The freshmen were saddled with the theme Nashville, Tennessee, which already set them apart from the pop vibes of other themes. They didn’t have many stunts, though. The freshmen are destined to get fourth every year, as part of the natural order of things. The dance was pretty good if you’re a fan of country, but a lot of people aren’t.

The sophomores’ theme was Miami, Florida. The dance begun with a cardboard cutout of an airplane, which was a flashback to last year’s PBS Kids dance . The music for this dance was sprinkled with Pitbull and just the right amount of songs about the beach and had a good balance of stunts and actual dancing. At some times, the dancing got a bit off beat, but I think the sophomore dance as a whole deserved second.

The juniors stole the show with their New York City theme. Packed with skyscraping stunts and references to several Broadway musicals, the junior dance was a showstopper. They performed stunt after stunt and all were nicely pulled off. Class of 2020 is notorious for winning the class dance, but came in second this year. This was a shock to some people, because they definitely deserved first this year.

And finally, the seniors. All in all, their dance was pretty good but not very impressive, starting out with the 90210 to 2019 stunt. The seniors didn’t make a mess this year, which was unusual. Then came the sad part of the dance, the part where the seniors tug on your heartstrings by reminding you that they’re graduating. According to a poll I did on Instagram where I asked participants to message me with their ideas of how the results should have gone, 32 of the 56 people that replied said the dance should have gone juniors, sophomores, seniors, freshmen.

We may all have different opinions, but I believe the dance should have gone juniors, sophomores, seniors, freshmen, all because of the quality of the dances. Not just because I’m a sophomore.