Viridan Opens Up For Local Talent

Ryn Swinson, Reporter

Every month or so, Viridian Coffee opens its doors to local talent with an open mic night. Many artists, young and old come through their doors in hopes of stealing the spotlight for a few moments, such as sophomore Sapphire Manson, a singer/songwriter.

“I want to be a musician as my career, and Viridian’s open mic night is a good opportunity,” Manson said, although hoping for something more than the Viridian’s platform.

Viridan has become known for its cozy atmosphere, and comforting feel, which has helped many nervous performers to jump to the stage.

“It’s a really nice atmosphere, because it was mostly my friends who came to support me, or perform themselves,” Manson said, “Also the people that work at Viridian are really nice, and they try to make you feel welcomed.”

Even though Manson doesn’t perform often and has only performed at one of the past open mic nights, she hopes to perform at a future one when her involvement in school band doesn’t conflict.

Manson isn’t the only aspiring artist, fellow sophomore Ly Youngs is also a performer.

Youngs has only performed once. After seeing her friend perform Youngs felt inspired to join in, despite not performing very often.

“It’s a more comforting venue I guess. You don’t feel so judged and they can’t really make fun of you for it because they don’t know you,” Youngs said, however she still felt nervous when she performed.

Youngs hopes to go into musical theatre when she is older. Hoping to one day perform on broadway.

“I’d think it would be cool.” Youngs said.

Youngs also plans to perform at the next upcoming open mic this Friday at Viridian. Sign up to perform is held at 5:00 PM, while the show starts at 6:00. What’s better than gathering with friends with a warm drink to start the weekend?