Anthony Smiddy

Roslyn Bernard, Reporter

The junior varsity team has many new additions this year, as they do every year. Among these players are a few freshman, excited for the new year, including Anthony Smiddy. He was the first freshman to be added to the team.

“I think that it will be good for the freshmen to be on the team. They will be getting more playing time and experience. I honestly think it will help out the team a lot,” Smiddy admitted.

As their new running back and linebacker, Smiddy seems ready to take on the year as one of JV’s younger players. He mostly practices at school, though at home he works out, taking every opportunity to better himself for the team.

“I like being one of the only freshman. It makes me feel special,” Smiddy said. “It makes me feel like maybe I have a future at being a better player.”

Smiddy works with his friends setting up different plays in hopes to play in some of the championships this year. “Dream big” is his motto.

After their first game was cancelled, the boys only began to work harder during practice in hope of win their first game. This was a success, as their score came up 80-19.

“I am working towards playing on the varsity team, but I do enjoy the positions I play as,” Smiddy said, “One reason I really like football is that it is a contact sport. I really get to play.”

Smiddy has been playing on various official teams for five years, but has been playing with his buddies for as long as he can remember. His plans are to try for a scholarship in football and to make it his profession. Though if he doesn’t get one, his plans are to join the Air Force and then be trained as an air traffic controller.

“My Grandpa was in the Air Force, and I’ve always been attracted to planes,” Smiddy said. “So, I think that will be cool.”

Along with being one of the first freshman who was added, he is also a hard worker who knows what he wants to do in his future.

“There is always room to improve and practice. All I can do is hope that I get better.”