School Policies Update

Haley Doyle, Reporter

This school year started off with a new administration staff. Principal Wade Hampton and Assistant Principal Lisha Elroy have been newly hired. Although students have experienced change of management in the past, Hampton has established new policies for this school year that have not been seen in past year or have not been enforced.

Hampton created a new phone policy that allows students to bring their cell phones on campus with them, but are not allowed on them until their lunch period. The policy was created for many reasons, but Hampton mainly did it for safety.

Students on phones between classes could not hear and or process announcements made to protect them while texting, talking, or listening to music on cell phones,” Hampton said.

Safety isn’t the only reason this rule was put in place. Hampton asserts that students are busy playing on their phones rather than paying attention to their teachers.

“Many teachers reported that students were playing games or listening to music in class instead of getting school work completed,” Hampton said.

Many teachers, such as Matt Harris, agree with the new policy.

“I am all for it,” Harris said, “it’s the biggest distraction.”

Phones are a big distraction to students during class, but there’s a more serious issue stemming from students cell phones. Bullying has been linked to the use of phones at the high school.

“Most of our bullying issues stem from social media harassment, which most of last year happened during or between classes through the use of cell phones,” Hampton said.

Not only did Hampton create this rule for safety and to stop cyberbullying, but he also wants to prepare students for their future career or college. Almost every business and college has a cell phone policy.

Our policy is very similar to many of our local businesses and institutions of learning,” Hampton said.

According to Hampton the school officials believe in helping students gain good habits while they’re still in school so the student will be prepared for life after high school.  They also believe that this policy will help them gain those good habits.

Phones aren’t the only thing they are buckling down on this school year. Hampton and the administration staff came together this school year and created a rule in which any student in grades 10 through 12 with a grade below a C in any of their classes will have to report to their fourth hour teacher for encore. Encore will be the first 20 minutes of lunch and will last for one week. Additionally, students who have below a D who can drive to school will lose their on campus parking privilege for a week.

Grades are important for students to be able to graduate, but attendance is too. Hampton is enforcing the long standing policy of 10 absences. Students with more than 10 absences per semester will not receive credit for the classes they are enrolled in.

With the new policies and old policy being enforced this school year, Harris is seeing good things.

“I’m glad that if there’s a rule being made that it’s being enforced because what’s the point in having it,” Harris said, “I have faith that this school year will be better than last year.”