Regional baseball tournament delayed

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor

Due to heavy rainfall and the extreme storms that occurred on Tuesday May 2 and early in the  morning the following day, Duncan’s regional baseball tournament has been postponed until further notice. A delay of a large and important tournament such as regionals brings with it more anticipation for the big day.

“We are all ready to start [the tournament],” junior Derek Bridges said.

According to Bridges, the team spent all morning Thursday working to prepare the field for the tournament.

“It is flooded really badly right now,” Bridges said around ten o’clock that morning.

With the field being underwater the chances of having it ready for game time would be slim to none.

“It should pick back up tomorrow,” Senior Tyler Polk said.

While it is slightly frustrating, Polk does not think the delay will affect how the team plays.

“We were all ready to play today, but we will be ready tomorrow,” he said.

Fortunately for the team, nothing was torn up by the severe weather in the preceding days.

“It’s pretty much under water now,” Polk said.

The field will be ready and Duncan’s regional baseball tournament will proceed on Friday May 4.