Athletic coordinator moves on to new things

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor


Tuesday, Mar. 6, athletic coordinator Craig Benson announced his resignation to the high school’s football team. This came as a shock to many and leaves two vacancies in the athletic department, athletic coordinator and head football coach.

“I’m going to back to Eastern Oklahoma where I grew up,” Benson said.

The matter was a tough decision, but it is bringing a new chapter to Benson’s life.

“A life change brings some anxiety and also some adventure,” he said.

As for why he is leaving, the choice was purely financial in the end.

“It’s an opportunity for me and family outside of education and to possibly make more money,” Benson said. “It was strictly a life choice.”

Benson believes that there are many opportunities in life and sometimes they have to be taken.

“Sometimes you have to take chances in life and this is completely different than what I’ve been accustomed to doing,” Benson said.

Some of the returning football players are going to miss Benson as their coach, including sophomore Hunter Belford.

“He’s been a really good coach to us and he has helped this program a lot, but I am also looking ahead to the future,” he said. “There can be a lot of changes when there’s a new coach that could possibly help the team.”

Belford is not the only player that believes a new coach is not the end of the world. Sophomore Jacob Helmka thinks next season will still be successful.

“I think next season will be a good season because our kids crave it,” he said. “We also have a lot of young talent.”

With a new coach on the way, there is a lot of potential for next year and the team is ready to put another good season in the books.