HALO week bingo night proves to be a success

Abby Juarez
Senior Grant Braught calls out bingo numbers.

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor

Student Council President Grant Braught announces B7 and everyone in the cafeteria can hear someone shout “BINGO” from the center of the room. Rose Lard had won… Again…
Tuesday evening was the second annual HALO week BINGO night. There were many laughs, much frustration, and a lot of prizes given away.

Treasurer of Student Council Coby Kirkland could see the frustration in the air.

“I think everybody’s reaction when the Lards kept winning was the best,” he said.

Many groans could be heard when someone from the Lard family kept winning rounds.

Junior Sam Petersen was at BINGO night in full support of HALO week’s cause. He believed these reactions from everyone to be very funny.

“Everyone’s [reaction] was funny because they were all different,” he said.

There were several prizes given away which included gift cards, stuffed animals, small jewelry, and a slew of other items.

“I think the Viridian gift cards for a free drink were some of the best,” Kirkland said.

Petersen believes that tennis lesson with Coach Barnes was the best prize available, however.

Even though this event was a fun night for everyone, it was all for a good cause.

“It’s very rewarding seeing people give donations,” Kirkland said. “Participating in all the events for this cause brings everyone together.”

Petersen too sees the benefit of these activities for the week.

“I think it is a great cause and will really help the community,” he said.

This year’s BINGO night was very close to being just as big as last year’s.

“It was definitely a success,” Kirkland said.

HALO Week is on track to make a big impact and will forever give the Duncan Demons a chance to show their halo.