Review: Apple watch 3

Review: Apple watch 3

Haley Doyle, Reporter

From the Macintosh to the Mac to the iPod to the Ipad to the Ipod touch here comes the Apple Watch series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 3 features a built in GPS, faster dual processor, heart rate sensor, and the Apple watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters. The Series 3 has a Cellular feature, and the watch comes in two different sizes. The dual processor helps with faster performance of the watch.

The Apple watch comes in a 38mm face and a 42mm face. The price of the watch depends on what size the buyer gets, and if it has the cellular feature. A 38mm watch without the cellular feature is $329 without tax, and the 42mm is $359. When adding the cellular feature the watch price goes up $70.

With the Apple Watch the buyer can also pick from a multitude of bands to go with the watch chosen. Not only can the user pick the color and type of band, but they can also pick the color of the watch face.

For people who are very active, the Apple Watch helps keep track of their activity, and the watch also has a workout app too.

People who swim also like the Apple Watch because they can track how far and how fast they swim by using the workout app that comes on the watch.

On the Apple Watch the owner can answer phone calls, make phone calls to friends and family, reply to text messages, check the weather, and get other notifications that would be on the phone. Alarms can be set on the watch just like it would be on a phone. Every watch can be customized to the owners liking.

The Apple Watch also comes in handy when a phone is lost. The watch has a ping option that will project a pinging noise from a phone whether it’s on silent or not. The Apple Watch is a very useful and a fun thing to have.