College basketball in high school media

Tip of at Oklahoma v Baylor game.

Andrew Riley

Tip of at Oklahoma v Baylor game.

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor

I have always been into watching sports whether it was football, basketball, or even some baseball. While watching sports, the University of Oklahoma (OU) has become one of my favorite teams to watch. I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out that I would have the opportunity to cover a basketball game for our student media’s Twitter account.

Two years ago I was able to go to an OU football game and after going to an OU basketball game, I have realized that the atmosphere of college sporting events is much different than that of a high school’s. Everyone is much more intense and into the game while many people just go to a high school game because their friends are there or they have a kid playing in them. At college events many people go just to enjoy it for themselves and not for anyone else. Many people are more concerned with how their teams in college do than their local high school teams. Everybody gets into the standings of their team because it is important to them. Even I found myself getting into the game and standing up to cheer for my favorite team. This is not something that always happens with high school athletics.

When I first found out that I would be going to this OU basketball game I thought I would be there just to enjoy it for myself. I later thought that it would be a really cool idea to bring college athletics coverage to our high school’s student media. This was a wonderful experience, not only being able to watch my favorite team in sports, but being able to share what was going on with all of our followers on Twitter. That is a big part of what student media is. Being able to share what is going on in the school, what other students are doing, and what we as a staff are doing. Student media is about connecting everybody and bringing everyone together to share each other’s stories, not just telling everybody about what they may or may not already know. These experiences are a part of what keep the staff going because everybody needs a reason for doing something.