Easton’s Big 12 Tally

Emma Banks, Managing Editor of the Pitchfork Magazine

It is coming down to the NCAA playoffs, and sports enthusiast junior Easton Smith has some thoughts on how the season has gone and what’s in store for the final games.

The University of Oklahoma won the Big 12 Title game, and Smith believes it is because of two reasons.

“[OU won] because they have the best player in college football and the best offensive line in college football,” Smith said.

Smith refers to the 2017 Heisman player, OU’s Quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield is Smith’s favorite player of the season, and Smith believes OU would not have won the Big 12 Title game without Mayfield.

“All season long, our [OU] defense was average to below average,” he said. “If Mayfield did not play his absolute best, OU would have lost. He has this desire about him and he won’t let you lose.”

Smith believes that OU’s current coach Lincoln Riley is also a big reason as to why OU did so well this season.

“He’s very creative in how he calls runs and plays,” Smith said.

The University of Oklahoma has a current record of 12 wins and one loss this season. In the coming games, Smith believes that OU will continue to do well.

“I think we’re [OU] gonna beat Georgia from 7 to 10 points,” he said.