Student finds new passion for writing music

Student finds new passion for writing music

Blair Chambers

Baylee Elam, Web Editor


“But I guess my love wasn’t enough/ ‘cause the doctor said you go three months.”

These lyrics were written by senior Fisher Anderson in his song entitled, “Olivia.”

Making his debut into performing, Anderson performed his original song, “Olivia,” at an event held by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center on Nov 17. Anderson started writing country music early on in his junior year. The senior did not set out to write music, instead he fell into it one day when he was strumming his guitar and singing about how he felt.

“I didn’t just sit down and decide to start writing songs,” Anderson said. “It just kind of happened one day.”

Ever since, Anderson has taken up writing country songs as a hobby. He solely writes country music because the music resonates with him. He explains his love for the genre by quoting a lyric from country artist Chase Lamb’s song entitled, “Three Chords and the Truth.”

“I love country music because it’s just three chords and the truth,” Anderson said.

Anderson often finds inspiration from events in his life or feelings that he has, but with “Olivia,” the finished product didn’t turn out as the senior had planned. The song tells of a tragic love poisoned by cancer from the perspective of a man seeing his wife slowly fade away from the sickness.

“Originally, I started to write a love song, but after the first verse it started to take a sad turn,” Anderson said. “I really had to debate on which direction to take the song.”

“Olivia” is one of the few songs that Anderson has written from a perspective other than his own. He is currently working on numerous songs, but has about five that are completed. Anderson doesn’t have any plans to release his music as of now.

“I don’t really plan on releasing any music, but maybe someday I will. Stranger things have happened,” Anderson said.