Band: the last march

Hope Sprouse, Equipment Manager

Going through senior year can be emotional, it’s the last hurrah, the final year of high school, the end of childhood and the transition into adulthood. The bittersweet feeling of going through everything one last time, whether it’s a football senior playing their last football game, or a Reflections senior singing their last concert. Every student has something that they are going to do for the final time.

As a senior in band, I just finished the last marching season I will ever participate in. Looking back on my memories from freshman year toward now, I realize how dear this experience has been to me. I will miss starting early in the summer to get the freshman oriented into marching band, the late nights spent practicing the show, and waking up early, early in the morning to practice. Everything feels strange because I know I don’t have next year’s marching season to look forward to. But, I look forward to seeing how they do next year and I wish them the very best. Knowing that I will not be there to contribute is a strange nostalgic feeling.

We had a good final run, this class of 2018. I am proud of everything we’ve accomplished in these four years. Although I have reached the end of my last marching season, I have the rest of the year to look forward to, the end is not nigh yet. The year still has so much in store.