First meet of the season brings high hopes for new swimmers

Braden Mowdy, Opinion Editor

Excitement and anxiety fills the hot, steamy pool room at the Simmons Center. The Duncan Demons are waiting for their first swim meet to start and guests start to flow in. Although many were nervous, the results were promising: girls got third and the boys got second place overall.

The swim meet was also the first to many of the swimmers. Freshman Alyssa Standifer proved that she was up for the competition, regardless of it being her first meet. Standifer won the 400 meter freestyle relay.

“I pushed that last bit [of the relay] because I knew if I slowed down I would lose,” Standifer said. “When I touched the wall I realized how tired I was.”

Alyssa gives partial credit to her teammates for her success.

“I feel like I definitely dropped time and feel more motivated when they cheer for me,” Standifer said.

Freshman aren’t the only first time swimmers. Junior foreign exchange student Aitor Oiarbide Cervera had his first swim meet experience as well. He won first place in the 100 meter breaststroke relay.

“I didn’t expect [to win] at all,” Oiarbide Cervera said. “I lost in the first two [matches] so I really thought this one was going to go very badly.”

Oiarbide Cervera didn’t have high expectations for the meet, especially because it was his first one.

“My biggest problem in swim is I didn’t have any expectations for myself,” Oiarbide Cervera said. “I really didn’t believe I was going to be a competition for others.”

This win helped boost Oiarbide Cervera’s confidence in future meets. Many of the swimmers have shown improvement and this gives the team potential as senior swim captain David Pollock explains.

“We’ve had several brand new swimmers do excellent and a lot of our times are already better than last year,” Pollock said.

At the swim meet, the loudest thing heard in the pool room is the team cheering for their teammates. The closeness of the team is evident because of this.

“We’re really close as a team and we can ask each other about anything,” Standifer said. “I feel like just knowing that I have friends out there cheering for me pushes me that little bit more.”