“The Female of the Species” is a deadly read

Savanna Edwards, Feature Editor

Alex Craft is the girl with the dead sister. Or, at least that’s the first thing everyone thinks about when they see her. She has all of the qualities her dad has. More specifically, his violent tendencies. So, when her sister’s murderer gets released because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his guilt, she takes matters into her own hands. And for her, killing a man isn’t something she thinks twice about. Yet, the idea of actually having friends is something she was never prepared for.

Jack is star athlete of the school and in close ties with Alex for valedictorian. Since their freshman year when Anna’s body was found, Jack has felt guilty about the part he played the night she was found. Becoming close with Alex isn’t anything he ever expected, but soon finds himself unable to resist temptation.

Peekay, the preacher’s kid, volunteers with Alex at the local animal shelter. Their acquaintanceship starts off awkward when Peekay calls Alex by the name of her sister, but that’s quickly forgotten as she becomes someone Alex can lean on, and Peekay becomes someone that Alex protects.

This book isn’t for for everyone and not because it’s bad or boring. You will want to know what’s going to happen next, but if you’re as emotional as I am, you know that what happens next might hurt to read.

As Mindy McGinnis, the author of “The Female of the Species”, takes you through the minds of Jack, Peekay, and Alex, you will encounter “justice” murders, the harsh reality of rape culture and sexual assault, and the true meaning of unconditional love. This is definitely a book that I won’t soon forget.