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Softball regionals loom ahead

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor

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As the softball season came to a close Monday night, the regional and state tournaments loom ahead in the coming days. Monday night’s loss to Lone Grove brought the team’s overall record to 16-11, a winning season.

The recent rainy weather has really taken its toll on the team by limiting practices and games.

“It [Monday night’s game] went good,” Senior Natalie McKinney said. “We hadn’t played in over a week because of the rain so we were rusty, but it wasn’t terrible.”

The Lady Demons may not have won, but the loss to Lone Grove still had its upsides.

“The score was five to three, but I feel it was a good game to prepare us for regionals,” McKinney said.

This season started off shaky because many key components of the team were missing, but this hasn’t stopped the team from growing and improving together.

“I believe at the beginning of the season we were doubting ourselves because we lost so many starters last year, but this season has been really successful for the team,” McKinney said.  “We have grown closer together and have grown as athletes and people after every game we’ve played.”

With any type of big tournament comes feelings of nervousness and struggling through it, but the team knows exactly how to handle those feelings.

“There’s definitely nerves there, but we know that we can’t let them get the best of us,” McKinney said. “We are prepared to go in and give it our all and whatever happens, happens.”

Today starts the softball regional tournament and the Lady Demons are ready as ever.

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Andrew Riley, Reporter

Andrew Riley is a reporter that started this year at the beginning of the second semester. He is a junior involved in NHS and the high school’s track and field team. Andrew enjoys hanging out with friends, working on his truck, and going to car shows and cruises.

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Softball regionals loom ahead