A fresh start for the swim team

Savanna Edwards, Feature Editor

With the new season just beginning, head swim coach, Andrew Bowers, said that he is feeling good about their chances this season judging off of their latest practices.

“Practices have been great, the swimmers have had high energy so far,” Bowers said. “We have a lot of potential talent. If they keep working hard, putting in maximum effort, we will do well this year.”

With David Pollock being the only senior this year, Bowers said they have switched from being a very experienced team to a really young one. With last years seniors leaving some big shoes to step into, Bowers said that this transition can be hard.

“We had several members graduate last year, they were all amazing leaders,” Bowers said. ”Any time you have a group of seniors, including a State Champion and an All-Stater, graduate, you are going to have a tough time transitioning into new leadership among the team. Once we have been practicing for a month or two, we expect someone will step up.”

Pollock, though, said he finds joy in being the only senior.

“Being able to walk into the room and say “seniors are accounted for” is cool and kind of funny,” Pollock said. “I’m not the fastest on the team but even the two or three who are faster still respect me and I really appreciate that.”

He also realizes that although being a senior may put you on a higher pedestal, it is worth the pressure.

“Seeing some of my swim guys being knuckleheads and being able to tell them to knock it off and them actually listen feels pretty good,” Pollock said. “On the flip side, I have to lead by example so that means not having fun and being knuckleheads with them, even when I want to.”

This early in the season they haven’t been practicing in the water long, but Bowers said he and his assistant coach, Megan Monteith, have seen big improvements every day.

Coach Monteith is doing a great job with the new swimmers we have. We also have a few swimmers that are able to work one-on-one,” Bowers said. “Swimming is really hard, it is going to take some time. Give us a month and everyone will be on the same level.”