New Spanish teacher spreads love of the culture

Hope Sprouse, Reporter

A colorful new addition to the faculty is the new Spanish teacher, Laura Headley. She was born and raised in Dallas. She enjoys walks with her dog, spending time with her family, and a great cup of coffee. She also has a great love for Spanish.

Headley’s love for Spanish began in her hometown, as a young girl. Influenced by the many Spanish speaking people, she readily became interested in the culture.

She studied Spanish in college and that lead her to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. She fell in love with the welcoming culture, and her love only grew as she was lead around Madrid by her guide, Floyd.

To give back what she was shown in Spain, Headley is teaching kids Spanish and passing on everything she learned.

She has been teaching Spanish for 20 years and came to Duncan from Seminole. She moved to Duncan to be closer to family, but she loves Duncan so far.

“ It’s just so good to be here,” Headley said. “I mean the facilities are just amazing, I love my classroom, I’m close to all the teachers and they’re just so friendly and helpful.”