A new learning culture for the math department

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor


First chromebooks, now there is a new software, Mastery Connect, on its way to the math department. Duncan High School’s learning culture is changing and it is changing fast.

The newest addition to the school’s learning programs, Mastery Connect, in a nutshell, allows  teachers to create and grade tests and quizzes very quickly, but also brings something new to the table.

“Mastery Connect is an online database that allows us to automatically grade for mastery,” Holthe said. “It is based on standards-based grading concepts.”

With this being the case, students have more opportunity to learn the subject they are working on. The program makes the grading process much smoother and more efficient compared to grading according to mastery without a program like this.

“We can also automatically keep up with the grades,” Holthe said. “This was going to be a bad inconvenience without the software.”

Chromebooks are one of the reasons this new program for understanding concepts is becoming a possibility, but this was not the original reason for them.

“Chromebooks and Mastery Connect are two separate thoughts that fit into the bigger picture of the school culture,” Holthe said.

However, this new program leaves room for speculation on how other departments and the rest of the school will adapt to this new technology based learning system.

“More will likely be on the way,” Holthe said. “The school’s learning culture is what is driving it all.”


To learn more about Mastery Connect, visit masteryconnect.com