Library delay, Bowers soldiering on

Nathan Lambert, Business Manager

The school library hasn’t opened yet even though in past years it has opened within the first two to three weeks of school. The reason for this lies in the process.

According to school librarian Savanah Bowers, It takes time to open the library because there is a system, and in that system every student’s name is catalogued. Every year the system is updated so that students are moved up a grade. Freshman are also added to the system and graduates need to be subtracted.

“No one in Duncan has anything to do with it. It is offsite,” Bowers said.

Though Bowers and the Leadership class have been busy with Chromebook rollout, the delay in opening the library lies with the technical difficulties off site, at the server.

Still, Bowers is waiting for the names to be updated.

Regardless, Bowers will announce when the library is open.