Volleyball: wins game and spreads hope for humane society

Senior Taylor Sciferes (left), sophomore Emily Sutherland (center) and senior Allison Tullous (right) show off dogs to audience.

Braden Mowdy

Senior Taylor Sciferes (left), sophomore Emily Sutherland (center) and senior Allison Tullous (right) show off dogs to audience.

Braden Mowdy, Opinion Editor

On August 29, The Lady Demons volleyball team had a significant win against the Cement Bulldogs. Duncan won three games first, therefore winning. The volleyball team also collaborated with the humane society and presented a number of dogs at the game to try to find them homes.  

The Demons took the lead immediately and kept it throughout the match taking it 25-9. Winning the first match was a good sign that they would do really well throughout the game.

But, in the next match, the Bulldogs stepped up their game. At first, the Bulldogs held the lead, but the Demons caught up and stole the lead. The Bulldogs stayed in range of the Demon’s lead. The match ended with a Demon win of 25-22.

The third match was the toughest for the Demons, for they stayed neck and neck with the Bulldogs. For a majority of the match, though, Cement kept the lead. When the Bulldogs got close to winning, the Demons had a comeback and won the game by winning the last match with a score at 25-23.

This was an important win for the Duncan according to the coach, Amanda Lard, for Cement is ranked 5th in class 3A.

“It’s always good to come in and get a win against a ranked team like that, no matter what class,” Lard said.

The team had just played a tournament against some tough 6A schools and that helped the team gain some momentum.

“We’ve come out the last two nights and we’ve really played kind of lights out,” Lard said. “You know, all over the court, people diving, covering for each other, so I feel like we’re just kind of building momentum right now.”

Lard wasn’t the only one who felt good about the win.

“I think it feels good because we’re a new team and just gives us more energy,” sophomore Emily Sutherland said. “I feel pretty good because last year we barely beat them [the Cement Bulldogs] with last year’s team.”

Winning gave the team much confidence for the future of the season.

“Wins really boost us up and make us more confident,” junior Angelica Alcorta said.

This summer the team spent a lot of time around each other which they say helped them build their relationship the way it is today. One way they did this was by volunteering at the humane society, which helped the team learn to work together more.

“We were all doing something good for the same cause,” senior Allison Tullous said. “We went out every week to walk and love [the dogs].”

Tullous said that the group picked out their favorites to help, and the dogs enjoyed the time spent as much as the team. Because the team did so much together, they have learned to enjoy one another.

“It’s just a great group,” Lard said. “There is never a day we’re tired of being around each other, we get along well, they have good attitudes, and they’re just an enjoyable team.”