Second football game sets the tone for the season

Demon defensive line prepares for the snap.

Delia Gonzalez

Demon defensive line prepares for the snap.

Andrew Riley, Sports Editor

Duncan experienced its first win of the season against Sapulpa with a final score of 28-12 on August 25. However, the following week they were delivered their first loss of the season by Putnam City West, losing by one point, 15-16. After struggling through some of the game they began to make a slight comeback after scoring another touchdown and completing a two-point conversion to close the lead to only one point in the fourth quarter. In the end they were not able to complete the comeback as PC West regained possession and ran the time clock out to win the game.

Senior Tyler Perkins, a left tackle for the team, believes the first game was a great start to a new season of Duncan football and has another opinion about the outcome of their most recent game against 6A school, Putnam City West.

“I don’t look at it [the loss to PC West] as a step back or a loss,” Perkins said. “I look at it as a stepping stone going into districts.”

The different playing surface has been one major change for the teams, however, he thinks that the turf does not affect their playing skill in the slightest.

“I don’t believe the turf changed our playing ability for better or for worse,” Perkins said. “We have all played on turf before. Either way, whatever field we get we are going to go out there and play Duncan Demon football.”

With another game at Shawnee on September 8,Football has truly begun and there are many more games to go before the outcome of the season is known, but the Demons have a passion for the game and the players believe they have the potential for a great year.