Lauren Hennan


I had 14 nannies by the time I was nine [years old]. I stopped counting after that. My mom was in med school and my dad worked full time at a bank, so even when my parents were still together someone else was always watching me. It got even worse after I just lived with my mom full time because she was never home. Having nannies got annoying when they changed twice a year. They would graduate college or move, and some my mom even ran off. She had a crazy list of things I could and couldn’t do everyday: no TV or sugar, and I had to do math for at least an hour and read for two hours a day. Most of the time we never followed the rules, but I hated when we did. When I moved in with my dad, I didn’t have to be raised by other people any more. I didn’t even realize how little I knew my parents until then. I adjusted though and all was well.”

— Lauren Hennan