Buying an Outfit for Prom


Hannah Eaglin, Reporter

For juniors and seniors prom is a stressful time. Some spend hundreds of dollars on their outfits, some spend less than $50 and some have theirs specially made.

Senior Sydney Ashton, bought her dress at Crowning Around in Lawton.

“It was around $700,” Ashton said. “I shopped at three other stores and I chose this one because it is super comfortable and it’s really different from any of the other dresses that I have purchased before.”

On the other hand, Destiny Baldwin created some precious memories with her grandmother in the making of her dress.

Originally I planned to buy my dress in store like most people, but then my dad brought up a great idea. He reminded me that my Mimi had made wedding dresses in the past and that I should talk to her before I, for sure, buy a dress,” Baldwin said.

At first I was nervous but I talked to her and showed her pictures of dresses I was interested in and she seemed pretty confident,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin and her family went to a fabric store and picked out the material that she wanted, which was difficult for her because there was so much fabric. After they picked out the material they looked at patterns and found a pattern that was really close to the dress she had already picked out.

“We spent about $150.00 on the fabric. I then had to go to my grandma’s house so that she could fit me and then throughout the weeks leading up to prom I went to her house for fittings.”

All of the time and work Baldwin and her grandma put into making her prom dress made her feel like she had  a masterpiece.

“It turned out so beautiful and it was such a great experience. My grandma made my prom dress. One of a kind and just for me,” Baldwin said.

Some students took a less traditional route and got their outfits at a retail store. Rosaria Milton bought her dress at Ross.

“I got my dress from Ross here in Duncan and it only cost $40. I chose this dress because red is my favorite color and I could pick any color to go with it,” Milton said.

Although a lot of girls are known for going all out on prom there are some guys that do too. Most guys  chose to rent their tuxedos due to the cost of buying one, and pay $100-200 to rent a tuxedo for one night.

Senior Manuel Carrasco dished out some cash just to rent his tuxedo in order to match his date.

“I rented my tux at Added Touch Florals, and I chose to get the traditional style with the bow tie because it looks classy,” Carrasco said.

“My girl’s dress is red so I decided to add a red pocket square to incorporate some color into the outfit. I spent about $200 on it but it was worth it because it looked good at prom.”

To many students, prom is well worth the various costs of hair, nail, and fitting appointments. No matter the money spent for prom, the real keepsakes are the memories made on one special night.   

Rosaria Milton’s prom dress
Destiny Baldwin’s final dress
Baldwin’s fittings for her dress
Sydney Ashton’s prom dress