Prom Expenses

Jade Armstrong, Reporter

Many students agree that prom is a very important date, something to be looked forward to and prepared for months in advance. The preparation for this special night often involves the spending of money, a lot of money. Sometimes, even, a ridiculous amount of money.

I don’t understand people who just have the money to spend upwards of $300 on a prom dress. It probably won’t ever be worn again, because even if children are had it’s highly unlikely that they will have the same body shape and be the same height as the parent was at any point during high school. Who even has that kind of money to drop on a dress? I sure don’t, my prom dress was $60 at Dillard’s and can be re-worn because it isn’t super extravagant.

What are student’s even trying to prove by buying such expensive, and often times uncomfortable, dresses, shoes and accessories? Who are you trying to impress, and why? Not to mention the men attending prom, and how much they spend on renting a tuxedo for a night. Upwards of $100 is what is normally spent on tuxedo rentals. They couldn’t re-wear those if they wanted to, why not just buy a suit jacket and a button up shirt?

The retaliation I have received for these sentiments is often just ‘because it’s prom.’ What does that even mean? Because it’s a dance set in the high school that occurs yearly, everyone is required to go out and spend a large sum of money, take super fancy photos that they can show off, and do their best to show up all the other students attending.

Another thing, people often feel like they can’t attend prom without a date. What’s the point of that? What is prom? A dance meant to be not a double date, not a triple date, but some other huge multiple equalling a huge group of couples all dancing together to show off? Really, that’s all prom seems to be. A big contest of who has the prettiest dress and the hottest date. The whole dance is an ego booster and a self-esteem crusher. Not to mention, most people are too shy to do any actual dancing.

So really, why spend so much money on that one night? Why don’t you spend $100 on a cute, re-wearable dress and use the rest of that money to open a savings account for your future college expenses?