Senior schedules cause frustrations

Kiana Baker, Reporter

Getting to senior year is the hard part; that’s what everyone says. If you play your cards correctly when it comes to senior year, your schedule will basically be empty because you’ll have completed the classes necessary to graduate. What people conveniently forget to mention, though, is that although you only have one or two classes left to graduate, you are still required to be here all day. Even if the counselors really don’t have anywhere to put you.

This can be frustrating for all parties involved. The counselors don’t really know what to do with you and they have to scramble to make spots and find somewhere to stick you in already over filled classes. Students are therefore stuck in classes they don’t need and teachers are stuck with packed classrooms and students who don’t necessarily care about what they’re saying because they really don’t need to be there.

Being forced to be in these classes all day is unnecessary and the time spent in classes we don’t need could easily be spent doing other, more productive things. For example, if a senior only had two or three classes left they could complete those during the morning and still have time to work a full time job. As seniors, most of us are preparing to head off to college in the fall, and those that aren’t going to college, are still planning to move out of their parents homes at the end of this year. Working a full time job would give us the opportunity to save quite a bit more money throughout the year than we would be able to otherwise. This would help our future in the long run, considering how expensive college is and how much money one needs to move out on their own.

Seniors could also spend this time doing volunteer work and other activities that look nice on college applications.

Another thing to consider would be attendance. Many seniors have poor attendance and although that can be caused by a number of different things, it can be extremely difficult to get out of bed and make yourself go to classes you don’t need. This also ties into the grades earned. Obviously, if one needs a class to graduate, they are much more likely to get better grades. This would also affect their gpa. If seniors only had to attend necessary classes, maybe they would be more likely to show up and work harder in the classes they have.

Seniors being forced to be here all day has an affect on everyone, not just them. Since we’re being put in extra electives, we are taking up unnecessary space in classes that other students may want, causing them to be put in classes they don’t care about either. Not only that, but think about the high school with little to no seniors in it, and the seniors who are here only being here for part of the day. There would be much more room in halls as well as in classrooms, which I’m sure many teachers would appreciate. If we didn’t have to be here all day in multiple electives, teachers could have smaller classes. This would not only benefit the teacher, making their lives easier, it would also benefit students by allowing them more opportunity for one on one time.

There’s no logical reason students who only need two credits to graduate should have to come to school for the full day. That puts us in at least four classes we don’t need. Not only that, but it’s almost like a punishment for doing everything we were supposed to. Students attending the EDGE ACADEMY come for only half a day to complete the necessary work for the credits they need. Due to the fact that these students fell behind and attended an alternative school rather than the high school, they only have to come for necessary classes. This is frustrating because those of us who completed each class on schedule are forced to be here all day in classes that are basically useless.

All in all, being here all day when we don’t need to be is frustrating and changing that rule could be beneficial for everyone involved. I could be at work, volunteering, spending time with my family or a number of other things. Instead, though, I’m sitting in classes I don’t need nor want for hours doing nothing productive. Instead of struggling to put us in useless classes it would make more sense to just let us go for half a day.