Students gear up for Vo-tech

Nathan Lambert, Business Manager

Students running around to their classes, frantically planning what the heck they are going to do with their lives; it is the most frequently performed song and dance that high school students do. It starts out calm, but as graduation comes closer, it becomes more frantic. “Do I go to college? Votech? Where do I go?”  Some students at the Red River Technology Center have started making their dreams a reality by completing certification programs that are offered there. Those programs include welding, cosmetology and more.

Senior Kaitlin Hillin, who actually is in cosmetology at the vo-tech to prepare her for her future.  

“We do a lot of anatomy,” Hillin said. “We learn about people’s hair, we learn about skin and nails, skin types . . .”

However, Hillin isn’t going to stop there.

“After I graduate high school, I plan on going back to the business class to get my business, because if I ever open up my own shop I will know what to do.” Hillin said, “I will probably go work in someone’s salon, and as I get my own clientele built up, I will open up my own shop.”

Hillin isn’t the only one making plans. Senior Logan Gallaher is also going to the vo tech, but unlike Hillin, his plan involves entirely different steps to prepare for. His first step was to take the auto-collision class.

“We pretty much learn the materials, the tricks of the trade of how to fix cars back to their original status before they were wrecked,” Gallaher said.

He does indeed intend to make a career out of this skill, and he has a way to pay for certain things in mind.

“I do plan on making a career out of it after I finish the military,” Gallaher said. “I’m joining the air force.”

Gallaher plans to use the air force to pay for his schooling.
However, Gallaher does have some advice for people who aren’t going to college after vo tech and are just going straight to their career.

“If you’re not going to go to college for it, just make sure you get your foot in the door. That’s one of the main things you have to do is get your foot in the door and show them that you can actually do what you say you can do,” Gallaher said.

Overall, there are many different outcomes to this monotonous dance we play at, but in the end, we all find something.