PSAT scores come back to students

Lockers by Paradox 56 via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The PSAT, for some it’s a precursor to taking the SAT, for others it’s a chance at qualifying as National Merit Scholar and possibly receiving scholarships from many different schools. The PSAT is a test for juniors to help prepare them for taking the SAT. Also, with a high enough score they can qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist. Scores vary across the country, but in Oklahoma the score to reach is a 213.

Junior Piper Cook is one of the students that took the PSAT. Cook seemed rather nervous to take the test.

“I was a little nervous because I was told it was harder than the ACT,” Cook said. “I was worried I wouldn’t do as well as the other students.”

Much preparation went into taking the PSAT for Cook and she felt as prepared as possible for the most part.
“Mrs. Taylor held a pre-class a week or two before the test where she gave us tons of pre-tests and tips,” Cook said.

With all her preparation, Cook expected most of what came at her on the day of the test.

“The pressure of the time was a bit more harsh than I expected it to be, but other than that it was what I expected,” she said.

Overall Cook was very happy to see her scores and plans to take the SAT later on.

“I was very pleased with them,” Cook said. “They were actually a bit higher than what I thought.”

Junior Natalie McKinney went into the PSAT with some of the same outlook as Cook.

“I was a little nervous because it was a test I was unfamiliar with,” McKinney said.

McKinney also did some preparation for this important test.

“I researched the test online and I also took a couple of practice tests,” McKinney said.

This preparation allowed her to know what would be on the test.

“It was what I expected, which was harder than the ACT,” McKinney said.

While she expected what was on the test, she did not know how her scores would turn out.

“They weren’t what I was expecting,” McKinney said. “I thought I did a lot worse, but I was shocked and excited when I got my scores back.

McKinney also plans to take the SAT later on because she plans to go out of state for her college education.

“I want to go to Baylor University,” McKinney said.

Junior Coby Kirkland also took the PSAT in the past year. He seemed to have different outlook on taking the test.

“I was actually excited to be taking it because I have only ever taken the ACT,” Kirkland said.

Prepared for a long undertaking, Kirkland entered the testing room to take the PSAT.

“It actually seemed a lot shorter than I thought it would be,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland seemed pleased with his score as a whole, but he believes he could have done better. He has also not decided if he is going to take the SAT yet.

“I am not sure yet,” Kirkland said. “It depends on if a school I am looking into needs it.”

For most of these students the PSAT has helped prepare them to take the SAT.