New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals

Resolutions are usually defined as a decision to do or not do something different in our life and are typically made at the beginning of a new year; however resolutions tend to get dropped within the first month of the year. Goals tend to be more of one person’s ambition to reach a destination. Having a goal seems to be a more solid plan of action than having a “resolution.”

Junior Braden Ledford has set goals of placing at the state track meet this year and winning the robotics competition that the Red River Technology Center participates in every year. The robotics competition involves much of what they learn throughout the year and takes loads of teamwork.

“We design and build robots to compete with other teams of three,” Ledford said. “Some are funded by NASA and Boeing.”

The teams at the technology center are funded by Red River alone.

Knowing the end accomplishment of winning the competition or standing on the podium at state is part of what keeps Ledford going.

“They give me motivation to work harder,” Ledford said.

Junior David Avila also has big goals for this year. Avila hopes for the soccer team to make it to playoffs this season. Avila plans to help the team by working hard, practicing more, and getting into shape. He also believes that just focusing in on your goal is the ultimate tip to obtaining it.

“Focus on what you love, work hard, and never give up,” he said.

On the other end of the spectrum, junior Delia Gonzalez wants to be more positive in her life and bring back the meaning of owning a yearbook.

“People aren’t buying yearbooks as much anymore and the whole meaning of it is losing its value,” Gonzalez said.

Being more positive has a large impact on her daily life also because she is making different decisions throughout the day. She tries to remember what her goal is all about and that being negative gets you nowhere in life.

“I tend to believe that the things I face make me stronger as a person because I was able to move past it,” Gonzalez said.