A very controversial subject at Duncan High School is the freshman rules. The ninth graders are very singled out at the school and are almost separated from the rest of the school because of the Freshman building. Although they are young and are still transitioning from middle school to high school, they shouldn’t be separated from the upperclassmen. High school is high school, no matter what grade you are in. They should not get special rules because they are the young ones.

A lot of rules goes into freshman lunches, which also need a change in my opinion. Freshman are not allowed to leave campus and they also split lunches. If they were to stay on campus, I don’t think they should split lunches by boys and girls. Altogether, however, I think that freshman should be able to leave campus anyways along with the upperclassmen. Treating the freshman like babies does not do anything but make things harder for the teachers. Because half of the freshman are in a classroom during lunch, they don’t exactly get a nice lunch.

Most freshman at the high school are involved with clubs or sports and are friends with the upperclassmen anyways. I don’t really understand why freshman are singled out but most upperclassmen are friends with some freshman. The freshman who don’t have upperclassmen friends probably don’t have those friends because they are only around freshman in the freshman building.

Altogether, the fact of freshman being included in other high schooler activities would be very beneficial and the rules should be changed. The transition from middle school and high school should not include segregating the freshman from other grades. The high school needs to be mixed so there isn’t a transition from the freshman building to actual high school.