Doctor Strange adds diversity to Marvel


On Nov. 4, Marvel released it’s newest addition “Doctor Strange”.

After being in an accident that leaves his hands severely nerve-damaged, the cocky and skilled neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) embarks on a journey to repair his hands and return to his practice. He eventually finds a way to return to his former life, though the solution isn’t as simple as he was hoping for, and he is thrust into the world of magic and universes colliding.

“Doctor Strange” was mesmerizing from start to finish. The graphics in the film were outstanding, some scenes were like looking through a kaleidoscope but without the effect of giving the viewer a migraine.

Without the trippy graphics though, the plot was typical of Marvel. One thing I wish was different was the introduction of Christine Palmer. Played by Rachel McAdams, Palmer was seemingly introduced as Strange’s love interest but was absent during a majority of the film and didn’t seem to play as big as a part as I was hoping for.

Strange was a dynamic character, starting out as self-centered and eventually gaining enough empathy to save the world. This was a refreshing aspect, along with him being a sorcerer, not like Marvel’s usual superheroes.

Overall, “Doctor Strange” was intriguing and I’m looking forward to see how he fits in with the rest of the Marvel Universe.