Missing library books affect students

Missing library books affect students

Much to the dismay of librarian Savanah Bowers and various students, there are  hundreds of books missing from the library’s shelves. These books include both nonfiction and fiction, both paperback and hardback.

“Right now we have 384 books missing. I took that at the medium price of $12 a book, so that means we’re missing about $4,608 worth of books,” Bowers said.

There isn’t a any one reason for the disappearances, but there are solutions being made.

Last year, there were missing books, but instead of holding the students accountable, the administration waived all of the fines.

“So, it wasn’t handled correctly last year, in my opinion,” Bowers said.

However, some of this was just inevitable. Over the past few years both the library and the librarians have been constantly changing. Principal Kelly Trinidad thinks this has something to do with the disappearance of books.

“We have had a couple of different librarians, and sometimes things get overlooked whenever there is change,” Trinidad said.

Trinidad and Bowers are working on solutions to the problem.
“We are in the middle of bar coding all of our resources and we are going to have to tighten up the check in and check out protocol,” Trinidad said.

This issue is also affecting students, and their individual reading as a whole. English teacher Katherine Boydston fears that disappearing books are affecting the desire for students to read on their own.

“I’ve heard that a lot of parts of series are gone, and I know how frustrating that is when you get to that next book and it’s gone,” Boydston said. “That could cause a real problem for kids who are trying to be readers, and I think a lot of kids go for fiction when they are reading on their own so that could dampen their thirst for reading which is really sad.”

However, Bowers is working on a solution to the problem and even working to improve other areas of the libraries.

“Rather than replace the fiction books that have gotten lost, unless they are parts of series, what I am going to start focusing on is updating the nonfiction section,” Bowers said. “So we’re not going to stop buying fiction books, but as far as replacing, I will go in and make sure the complete series is there, and then we will keep continuing to buy

new books in fiction.”

The library may be missing quite a few books, but solutions are being developed and put into practice.