US Congressman Visits High School

US Congressman Tom Cole came to town Monday to speak to students about life at the capital. He met and spoke with students at 4 p.m. in the DHS library, with an audience of several DECA officers, NHS and Student Council students and members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Council, as well as Principal Kelly Trinidad and a few teachers.

Cole began by describing his job as a congressman. He explained that each state gets a certain number of Congressmen based on the population of their state. Oklahoma has five members of congress, and each congressman represents about 700,000 people. Cole represents the district that Duncan is in, District 4.

Cole explained that his job is to represent the interests of the people in his district, and He said that as our district’s citizens “look at the world from the right,” he votes in congress from a more conservative standpoint.

The students he was speaking to had several questions, one of which addressed his views on the presidential candidates, another of which asked more about how his personal views affect how he votes in congress.

Cole explained that the current candidates are the most unpopular in American history, and that neither are talking about the issues that he sees are most important in the next four years. But he also explained that as a Republican representative, he will be supporting the republican candidate.

Cole also said that he votes in congress as he sees what would be best for the citizens that he represents. Such as when the government was being “shut down” several years ago, he voted to not support that because of the thousands of government workers that are employed by Tinker AFB and Ft. Sill in his district.

The congressman was in the library for nearly an hour, and at the end of his visit he encouraged students to contact his office with any issues that they might have and opinions that they want heard.