Softball wipes out Jets on annual Pink Out night




Monday night at the Pink Out game the Lady Demons had no trouble destroying Western Heights with a score of 17-0. The beginning half of the first inning ended quickly. The first batter out was tagged on first and with Lilly Rivas, pitching, the second struck out. The third batter got the third out when the ball was hit to the outfield and caught by center fielder, Brittani Chatham.

First batter up for the Lady Demons, Stephanie Cooper, hit into left field, making it to second base. After Kennedy Stewart, made her way to the plate, Cooper ended up on third and then quickly home with the first run. At the end of the first inning the Lady Demons were leading 9-0.

The second inning went just about the same as the first for the Jets. Rivas, still on the mound, pitched to a Jet who hit to right field. The ball then made its way to first and the Jet was out before she ever hit the base. Rivas walked the second batter and the third hit a pop up caught in the infield. Making up for the handout base earlier on, Rivas struck out the fourth batter up, making that the third out and the end of the first half of inning number two.

Finishing up the second inning, two runs were made right after another by #24, Makayla Gibson, and #12, Kylie Greening. With a massive lead, the Lady Demons start the third inning 12-0.

The Lady Jets began their turn on bat with two strikeouts, and ended it with another out by for the Jets, keeping the score the same.

The first out for the Demons in inning three was Gibson, with a pop up. Next at bat, #3, Natalie McKinney, hit to center and makes it to first base. McKinney steals second while Chatham is at bat. Chatham then becomes the second out. McKinney makes it home, then #2, Maddie Conway becomes the third and final out for the third inning, leaving the scoreboard at 13-0.

This time with the Lady Demons starting the inning, #11, Tayah Allen is second at bat and then makes it to first. #34, Fallon Howell, was at bat, Howell fouls and Allen stole 3rd. Howell fouled again, Allen stole home, then Howell hit out left field making it to second. Chatham, #1, walked to first. Howell made it home, followed by Chatham and #00 Holly Hill, ending the first half of the fourth inning with three more runs.

With Howell pitching, the Lady Jets struck out three times in a row ending the game with a score of 17-0 and a win for the Lady Demons.