Duncan Boy Scout troop ventures to Canada

Some dream to survive off of the land with limited supplies and the surrounding wildlife to keep them company. Well, a group of Boy Scouts did just that, for a week anyway.

Boy Scout troop 4417 ventured to the Canadian wilderness in July to experience a high-adventure trip.

The boys spent their week moving from campsite to campsite over the Quetico National Forest.

Junior Matthew Wagenseller was looking forward to the trip for many reasons.

“I went to Canada to see the beautiful natures of Quetico, be with friends, to go somewhere new to me and to strengthen myself,” Wagenseller said.

Grant Braught, who is also a junior, was also looking forward to adventuring in Canada. He especially loved the beauty of nature there.

“The skies were blue with only bits of clouds, and the water was so calm it looked like a mirror of our world in it,” Braught said.

Over the course of the week, they traveled 67 miles, either canoeing or hiking throughout Quetico. The second day of the trip, the group traveled the most.

“We covered about 18 miles,” junior Danny Peercy said. “It was extremely taxing.”

On top of the effort put into rowing or hiking, they also had to carry large packs and the canoes when they weren’t in the water. Wagenseller said the portaging of the canoes and gear packs on the trails was the hardest part for him.

“They were like 90 lbs on your back,” Wagenseller said.

The packs consisted of three members’ personal gear, contained in waterproof bags. The gear consisted of clothes, sleeping bags and ground mats, hygiene materials, among other miscellaneous items and food.

“[We brought] whatever we could get into the food pack.” Peercy said. “There was a very broad variety.”

The troop has gone on a number of trips, but this trip was perhaps among the most adventurous. Braught admits this was his favorite trip he has gone on with the troop.

Being a member of a boy scout troop has opened a lot of doors for the boys.

“It allows me to go camping every month, looks really good on a resume and teaches great leadership skills,” Peercy said.

Although the boys had a great time on the trip and learned a lot, they are looking forward their next trip being milder.