Coach gets yearly award from Oklahoma Coaches Association

Coach Andrew Bowers received Oklahoma Coaches Association Region 5 Coach of the Year award on April 13. He was awarded for his efforts in coaching and the success they brought to the table.

Coach Bowers was pleased to have received the award for his coaching.

“It is a huge honor,” Bowers said. “Especially to be nominated by fellow coaches,”

Bower appreciates the award, but he also understands that there was a team helping him along the way.

“Without the excellent swimmers that we have, and their hard work, dedication and positive attitudes, this would not have been possible,” Bowers said. “I believe the swimmers played a bigger role and they should be honored as well.”

He also had help from an assistant coach Tempest Miskell, who teaches special education.

“I also have a great assistant in Coach Tempest Miskell,” Bower said. “She came in this year and did a great job. She should also be included as she had a large role in the success of the team.”

Miskell recognizes Bower’s hard work and dedication.

“He is really trying to build this program up and make it known that Duncan swim team is a force to be reckoned with,” Miskell said. “He works really hard and he’s really dedicated.”

AJ Stewart is proud of his coach.

“He did the perfect job coaching,” Stewart said.  “Without him we wouldn’t had have much success at all.”

Stewart felt like coach Bowers’ coaching methods were what they should be.

“He’s real laid back, but he still pushes us hard,” Stewart said. “He knows how to get in our heads and motivate us.”

Bowers has a good team, a great assistant coach and he is on top of things as well. He did get an award for it.