Soccer makes history and plans for next seasons goals

History was made made by the soccer teams as they made playoffs for the first time. The boy’s team lost 10-1 and the girl’s lost 5-0. The teams had to beat

There was much excitement for junior Angel Payes to make playoffs, especially with boy’s soccer coach Dustin Kagebein.  

“I knew we could do it,” he said. “We had a new coach come in this year and he taught us a new way of playing. We wanted to make a name for Duncan.”

Being able to go to playoffs was something for the recreational players in the Duncan soccer league, Chisholm Trail Soccer Association (CTSA),  to look forward to in later years especially if they are in Acedemy. Which is the upper level of CTSA players who usually go to high school soccer.  

“It shows that’s something people can look up to,” Payes said.

Boy’s captain senior Jose Ojeda felt very happy with the end results and what the team did.

“It feels like you put forth the effort,” he said.

Everything after the first win of the season felt right according to Ojeda.

“It felt good to actually win,” he said. “The team tried harder this [season].”

Ojeda wouldn’t change anything the team has done.

“This year was more of learning the new things and getting used to the new coach,” he said.

Coach Kagebein had some work to do since last season didn’t go well.

“It took a lot of discipline to change these attitudes since they’re not used to winning,” he said.

Goalkeeper senior Colby McCauley said there has been a lack of team chemistry going into this season.

“We play as [individuals],” he said.

However, Kagebein had a fun year with this team and wishes the seniors the best of luck.

“[I] hope they remember what I’ve taught them off the field, not just on it,” he said.

The girl’s goalkeeper senior Lindsey Trostle said the team had to come together as a family and realize it isn’t a single person sport to achieve playoffs.

Soccer takes every single person on the field and coming together to reach that goal that each one of us wanted along with long practices, practicing when we didn’t have school and pushing everyone to push themselves,” she said. “I think [that’s] what gave us that spot.”

As for the underclassmen, Trostle felt as though they will take this experience as motivation to push farther next year.

“We progressed a lot this season and last season which ultimately adds up to a great season,” she said. “I wouldn’t have wanted to make history with any other girls.”

Junior Dharma Meadows said the team will progress through this season’s teachings.

“I think that since making playoffs it will give us more incentive to play to our highest potential,” she said.