The most marvelous

Ahhh … Marvel comics vs. DC comics, an age-old debate over which comic producer is better. I say it is Marvel, by a longshot.

The original company was founded in 1939 under the name “Timely Publications” by a pulp magazine publisher named Martin Goodman who was expanding his mediums to comic books. In Oct. of 1939, the company released its first comic to the public.

The company used the success to start a subsidiary company called “Timely Comics” starting in 1941 and enjoyed great popularity.

In late 1941, Stanley Lieber aka Stan Lee, was given the editor position of the Comics. Lieber would keep this position for decades until, in 1961, he changed the comic industry by coming up with new types of superheroes like “The Incredible Hulk” that were not the best looking or most sane but that enjoyed huge popularity.

Now that history is out of the way, let me answer the question of why Marvel trumps DC. Let’s start with the comic book part of this debate, Marvel comics has created heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Bruce Banner and Thor. Marvel even has an anti-hero with Deadpool, and there are villains such as Thanos and “The Mandarin.” Those are all characters that were introduced in the comic books and are still around for the movies, to me that is the true test for fictional characters.

Now then, the movies. Everybody has heard of Spider-Man and the movies from that specific hero, but they were just the setup for one of the greatest film universes of all time. When Marvel builds hype for a movie, they actually come through and have a good movie that crushes records. DC on the other hand, built all that hype for “Batman v. Superman” and as we all know, that was a flop.

I have not seen Civil War yet, but all of the reviews so far are extremely positive and far better than the ones for “Batman v. Superman.”

Now I am not saying that DC has done nothing right, but there is only one thing that they have done right as far as I am concerned and that is “The Joker.” In my opinion he is the only reason the DC is still on the radar and I cannot wait for “Suicide Squad.”

I really do think the Marvel is far better than DC for the above reasons and I was really raised around Marvel it so I might have a bias, but yeah, Marvel is better than DC any day.