Mysteries of a burning element: “Elemental Kidnapping”

“Elemental Kidnapping,” by Bridget Tolle, is an interesting book. Let’s review. We have people with elemental powers and unique gifts that aren’t normally associated with those elements. For instance, water people can read minds. Enough said. The other elemental people have unique abilities, and I don’t know where Tolle got those ideas. However, they are interesting and spice things, like the plot, up.

The plot itself revolves around four princesses from different kingdoms being kidnapped, and they must use their powers and work together if they are to escape. They have to overcome various obstacles and obstacle courses. I only wish I was joking, but Tolle does get points for being original.

The princesses’ personalities seem to reflect their respective elements. For instance the Fire Princess, Pyra, has anger issues, and the Earth Princess, Petunia, is a very patient, kind and gentle soul. It’s all like that, but there are some twists and turns in their personalities that make them unique so they aren’t boring.

If there were any problems with the book at all, it would be with all the friction between characters. I didn’t like how that was a constant obstacle, but it did produce some good, entertaining moments from time to time. Only a couple of times did it feel unnecessary, but it didn’t get in the way of the novel too much.

Overall, “Elemental Kidnapping” was high stakes, colorful, and a really good debut novel, and I can’t wait to see more.