Mysteries of a burning element: “Burned”

“Burned” by Ellen Hopkins is a beautiful and tragic story with plenty of twists to keep readers wanting more.

Pattyn, the oldest of seven daughters, is suffering. She’s from a strict Mormon family with many secrets and an extremely controlling father.

All of a sudden, Pattyn realizes that she is her own person and does everything she possibly can to step out of the walls she’s been confined in her whole life. Her father sends her away to stay with her aunt to put a stop to her behavior, and that’s where Pattyn discovers herself.

“Burned” brings readers a new perspective on the life of others and what people can hide. The difficulties living with an alcoholic and abusive father are portrayed in great detail throughout the book.

Hopkins does a brilliant job describing Pattyn’s journey on discovering herself and her worth. While staying with her aunt, she gets a new look on life. Pattyn realizes that she is in control of herself and that she is an amazing person who should love her life.

“Burned” is a book that all teenage girls should read. Violence against young women is common, but rarely discussed. When it comes to a family member, a friend or even one’s self, many girls don’t know what to do. Hopkins’ story shows that there are people to whom victims of abuse can turn and that they’re not alone in their experience.  

This story tells readers that they should value and take charge of themselves. It gives amazing advice on how one can find their true self and express who they are.

“Burned” is a fantastic journey of a young girl who learned how to live her life, and it shows readers how to do the same.